I am a little new to the internet,
but in the short time I've been surfing,
I am totally amazed by the vastness of this thing.
My husband says
"You can tell a little about a person by the sites they Bookmark"
. . . . . . . . . . .  (O. K.)

Bob Shannon WCBS.FM 101.1 New York
     To me, the oldies are more than just a music that I Love, they were the "TOP 40’s" of my youth. Many of the artist are people who I spent plenty of time with while on tour. This is why Bob Shannon's Site is for me one of the best. Quite a bit of good and accurate info. Nicely put together and easy to navigate with plenty more great links.

Sundazed Records specializes in re-issues of original albums on CD. You can even get my original release "The Toys sing A Lovers Concerto and Attack" with two bonus tracks. Neither track has ever been released before. "May My Heart Be Cast Into Stone" would have been a sure smash.

 Soul Patrol: Great Black Music From The Ancient To The Future  Soul Music on top of Soul Music on top of more Soul Music. Very nice site complete with WAV's, Midi, Real Audio

 The Girl Groups Photo Gallery   and Girl Group History of Rock and Roll

These sites are still growing, but already a wealth of info, picts, and sound files from the Girl Groups of the 50's , 60's 70's, and 80's. If you like Girl Groups, you'll love these sites.

 Soul Music R&B Radio: Felix Hernandez' Rhythm Revue

     Hold on to your hats. Many of you in the New York Metropolitan area know of this gentleman. His name is Felix Hernadez. He has the best R&B Oldie Show on Radio. (Bar Non!) When you listen to his show, you find yourself saying, over and over again, "Oh man! I haven't heard that one in years. He also has periodically, Rhythm Revue Dances. Felix himself DJ's the night away with the best oldies R&B. I don't know anyone who has been to one of these dances that has only been once. Many artist themselves stop in. Its just great. Plenty of Sweat. (and that's from personal experience).

     Next on my list of favorites is The R&B Music Pages. If you like R&B this is a must. Interviews, facts, CD’s of Favorite Artist and more. Bookmark this one cause you'll be back for more.

      I was never a big fan of Science Fiction until my husband turned me on to "Babylon5". Give me a chance and I’ll talk for days about this one. Every day at 6:00PM, the entire family is glued to TNT. The links to this show are too numerous to mention so here's a link rich page. From here, you can surf for a million years, right on out past the rim of the Galaxy.

We have two computers in the house. Ken's sweetheart is his Amiga.

The biggest part of my life goes to my family.
Martha Stewart’s site is great.

For Us Independent Artists'

      Now that I am an Independent Recording Artist, (not signed to a major label) with my own "Indie Label" I have found an entire world of resources for the "Indie Artist". Not only is there much help, but now like never before, the music of the unsigned artist is available to the entire world via the internet. So here are some links for artist and listeners alike. As time goes on I hope to constantly add to this list.


 “If you concentrate on the quality of your product
and your service to the people,
the people will fill your cash register”.

Derek Sivers and his brainchild CDBaby is a living example of this truth. I have been with CDBaby for several years now and I could write a book about this site, starting with what it started as to where it is today. Derek has never ceased to find every way he can to increase the potential of Indie music and its artists. They not only offer probably the very best place to sell your music, but also to host your website. They do most of the work for you so you can concentrate on your art. Several sites have hosted my web page and there is nothing better for the Indie musician than “HOSTBABY.COM”. Derek’s “Hostbaby.com” offers everything I could need. You get more than enough space, permanent email with unlimited addresses, guest book, concert calendar, mp3 and real audio streaming and more. All for a very modest price. I recommend this site very strongly.

 The Orchard
The company will, (for a very, very modest fee), put your CD in their catalogue for sales on the net. They will also get it on Amazon.com, and CDNow. WOW!!!

The Internet Underground Music Archive

This just might the granddaddy of the Indie sites. It has been around longer than any other site I know. That in itself says something. And it hasn't just sat back and rested on its laurels. It has constantly been upgraded to be able to offer its artist the best and most up to date features. It has recently forged some partnerships with several other influential sites. All in all, it has much to offer.

 *I highly recommend those sites for any "Indie" artist*

Guitar Nine Records - basically for guitar music but a wealth of info about starting your own record company, music copyrights, publishing, recording tips, etc.

The Ultimate Band List, is also an excellent place to help get yourself out there.

Lady Slipper Records features music by women. Many of these extremely gifted artist would never have their music available if it were not for the internet.

Worldwide Records Limited is a great Search engine for Music and the Arts

 U.S. Copyright Office Home Page   Don't half-step with your music...

Speaking of search engines All in One is a search engine for search engines. It list well over 400 different search engines and their links. Some of these engines are really quite unique.

Rounding things our a bit I like News Radio88 and CNN for news.

Updated 11/23/2001

I'll be back soon,