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Hi, and thanks for your interest in "THE TOYS". Personally, I love weddings. I guess most ladies do. So, to perform at a wedding is a special treat for me and the girls. Corporate parties, parks and other large affairs seem to be a big treat for the guys in the band. So it works out kind of nice.

"THE TOYS" can be hired in several sizes from 10 pcs., (with the horn section), down to 7 pcs. (with just the 4 pc. rhythm section). My small unit called "RHYTHM&BABS" starts at 4 pcs. (guitar, drums, bass and yours truly),and tops out at 8 pcs. with Keys and Horns. This makes us capable of handling many different types of affairs. You view a presentation (link below) which ends with our performance on PBS's "Red, White and Rock", still being aired all across the country. 

Feel free to EMAIL ME for further info

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The Beacon Theater 2017


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